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Spesifikasi Duncan Yoyo - Pulse Light Up Yo-Yo

Duncan Yoyo - Pulse Light Up Yo-Yo – Best price buy online

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Product Description


Product Description

The Duncan Pulse is a light-up yo-yo released by Duncan to the yo-yo community during the 2007. Its shape is the same as the Duncan Speed Beetle. It's heavier than the Speed Beetle, however, due to the light-up mechanism inside the body. It uses a ball bearing axle with friction stickers for response. The light system embedded in the yo-yo changes color and pattern depending on how long it has been spinning. It is only available in clear plastic.
This yo-yo is arguably the best light-up yo-yo made, because of it's unique patterns of light, as well as the fact that the color patterns change to create mesmerizing effects.
the Duncan Pulse is great for night-time yo-yo performances, and it really lights up the room. Great for an intermediate yoyoer looking for a yo-yo that can play great as well as attract attention.
  • Shape Modified Imperial
  • Weight (g) 54.80
  • Width (mm) 37.69
  • Diameter (mm) 56.95
  • Bearing Size 5x10x4
  • Gap Type Fixed
  • Response Duncan Friction Sticker

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