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Duncan Yoyo - Mosquito Yo-Yo – Best Price Buy Online

Product Description


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Product Description
The Duncan Mosquito YoYo is a butterfly shaped body with a high speed ball-bearing axle. The Mosquito features an aerodynamic rim-weighted shape, long spin times, take apart design, and uses Duncan Friction Stickers for perfect response. The Mosquito yoyo packs a lot of performance into a smaller profile, as well as an affordable price. Many find this yoyo to be great out of the package!

It's definitely one of the most inexpensive yoyos with a BALL BEARING. As a bonus, it uses friction stickers, but also has starbursts underneath of the friction stickers so you can customize your response system!

The Mosquito is truly a great choice for both beginners and pros on a budget.

Shape   Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g)   46.60
Width (mm)   34.33
Diameter (mm)   52.98
Gap Width (mm)   4.23
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)   5x10x4
Gap Type   Fixed
Stock Response System   Duncan Friction Sticker

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