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Duncan Yoyo Spesification- Speed Beetle Yo-Yo – Best Price Buy Online

Product Description

Speed Beetle

Product Description

The Duncan Speed Beetle is one of the best loopers in the market today. It features a ball bearing axle and a take-apart design. Moreover, it comes with two different sizes of spacers - one for less response (brass colored) and one for more response (silver colored). You can customize the Speed Beetle to your looping style by easily interchanging the spacers. The new Speed Beetle is the next evolution of the looping yo-yo. It is one of the fastest ball-bearing loopers in the world. Using a high-speed ball-bearing for incredible tricks and Friction Stickers for perfect response. The Speed Beetle comes with two different sets of spacers for maximum versatility. A thick set for standard play and a thin set for ultra-fast looping play. Use both thin, or both thick, or one of each and tune the Speed Beetle to your personal taste.
It's so inexpensive that the Speed Beetles are a great (and economical) choice when you want to begin practicing your 2A tricks! Buy two to get started!
Shape   Modified Imperial
Weight (g)   47.50
Width (mm)   37.69
Diameter (mm)   56.95
Gap Width (mm)   3.17
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)   5x10x4
Gap Type   Fixed
Stock Response System   Duncan Friction Sticker



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