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Spesification Duncan Yoyo - Reflex Auto Return Yo-Yo - Best Price Buy Online

Product Description



Product Description

he Duncan Reflex yoyo is Duncan's first automatic return yoyo. Auto return means that when you throw the yoyo down and make it sleep, a clutch will kick in and make the yoyo wake back up automatically when the yoyo starts to slow down its spinning.The Duncan reflex yo-yo is Duncan's first ever auto-return yo-yo, but with the classic shape as the original Duncan Butterfly!

Looking to learn how to get started with advanced yo-yo play? You've gotta get started somewhere, and that somewhere is here!

With a long-spinning nylon transaxle system, this yo-yo will spin long enough for you to learn a trick, then come back up to your hand AUTOMATICALLY. The Duncan Relex yo-yo is a great starter yo-yo for any budding yo-yo champion.
  • Perfect for novice players
  • "Auto return" technology
  • High-speed axle design
  • Lightweight body
  • Aerodynamic, rim-weighted shape

Price: £9.95


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