Sabtu, 30 April 2011

Spesifikasi Duncan Yoyo - ProYo Yo-Yo –

Product Description

Product Description
A classic fixed axle with a modified imperial shape. It is rim weighted, and can be taken apart. It features a patented replaceable wooden axle sleeve and interchangeale graphic side caps. It features a wooden replaceable fixed axle along with a take apart design to get rid of those nasty knots. As one of the greatest beginner looping yoyos (experts use this as well) for the incredible price, this yoyo is bound to stay in the yoyoing community for a long time.

This ProYo comes in bright opaque colors. Buy two to practice those two handed tricks!

Shape   Modified Imperial
Weight (g)   0.00
Width (mm)   0.00
Diameter (mm)   0.00
Gap Width (mm)   0.00
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)    
Gap Type   Fixed
Stock Response System   Tapered Gap


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