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Buck is St. Bernard dog. Buck has large head, with its long, healthy gray fur. His size one hundred forty pounds, came from his father, a St. Bernard. But it was his mother, a Scotch shepherd dog, who had given the long, wolf-like siape to his nose and jaws. 

Judge Miller is Buck's original owner. Judge and Buck lived in California. Buck is very leads and comfortable with a luxurious ranch. But the day that changed Buck's life began when Manuel has an Evil plan for buck.

Manuel is a Judge gardener. He would do anything for money, he's intend to steal Buck. At the night, Buck is stolen and sold to pay off the gambling debt. He bought by Morgan ,a dealer in stolen dog. Buck is brought by the train. He struggled to against, but he must know about "the rule of the club." Then, Perrault interested to buy Buck. Because Buck is a beautiful and strong - look dog. Perrault pays Morgan. Buck sold in a thousand dollar. Perrault and Francois sailed from Seattle, Washington, aboard a ship callet the Narwhal. Buck stood on the deck with Curly and took his las look at warm weather, because Buck is taken to Alaska. Buck meets Dave and Spitz at the ship. Spitz is large snow-white sled-dog and Buck's enemy. When they're arrive at Alaska, the dogs learns a job and a lesson to be a sled-dogs. Sled dogs tought for help the human's life.

They have a mining camp in the far north for trained. On first time, Buck is fitted with a harness on his body, then he can pulls the sled easily. Everyday, Buck is trained to be a good sled-dog. Buck was meet much of sled dogs. He acquaint Spitz, Dave, Curly, Husky and many more. Curly is Buck's best friend. That night after dinner, Buck felt a new comradeship with the dangerous and often treacherous Huskies in the camp. Suddenly, Curly attacked by Husky then a mass attack made Curly dead. Buck saw the tragedy. He know it's wild. After the incident, Buck become on guard. After Curly was dead, Two new dogs, Billee and Joe bought by Perrault. But Spitz tries to show he is master to Bille and Joe. Buck starts forgot by Perrault since Bille and Joe become a sled dogs. When Buck was hungry, he learns to steal some humans food. Not only did Buck learn by experience, but many dead instincts came alive again. Generations of his ancestors who had become domesticated as pets were forgotten.

Buck seemed to remember back to the tim when wild dogs lived in packs in primitive forests, kiling their meat as they ran it down. So was not difficult for him to lear to fight as his wolf ancestors did, by cutting, slashing, and snapping. And just as the wolf howled his sad night time song about life's sorrow, now Buck, too, pointed his nose at the moon and sounded the ancient wolf-like song, loud and clear and mournful. The wild life must go on. And the camp isn't always safe and peace. A lot of treat outside. 
Unlucky, wild dogs invade the Buck's camp. The wild dogs tried to eat everything on the camp. Camp is confused. A lot of sled dogs wounded. Perault and Francois examining the wounded dogs because the invasion. After the invasion, Buck awared that he want to protect his friends. He won't let his friends death like Curly. He courageous to challenging Spitz to be a lead-dog. 

After Buck did the challenge to be lead-dog, and he is success to do it. One morning, Francois and Perrault received official orders. They had been reassigned by the Canadian Government to an instruction center. They would train ne messengers for life on the trail. Francois called Buck to him. And buck never saw either of them again. Buck sent to the new camp. And buck worked at the new place named "Salt Water Mail." One day, Salt water Mail sold the used dogs, cause the corporation lacked some money. On the morning of the fourth day since Buck sold, The tenderfoot, Hal and Charles, bought the dogs for complete team and their harness very cheaply. They are from Virginia. Buck and the other dogs brought to the new camp at north. 

At the new camp, Buck feel suffered with the train method. The dogs whipped by Hal. Hal tought, thats a efficient method to train the lazy dogs. Mercedes is gave some adviced to Hal, "I won't have them whipped." But Hal didn't care about it. Buck and the other dog didn’t like to suffered and treated like that. Beside it, they are a little bit fed. Only half fish for their hard worked. After so many long-suffering, Buck experienced the safety and good luck. John Thornton, Buck’s former owner of the most buck respect is appear amid Buck’s misery. Jhon saw Buck whipped by Hal.Jhon felt angry, Jhon hitting it with a vengeance for Hal’s did that do not humanitarian. Buck seemed not believed, that Jhon Thronton near him. 

Finally, Buck purchased by Jhon and then brought to his camp. Jhon Thronton was alone in camp with only two dogs, Skeet and Nig because he was recovering from frozen feet. He was still limping slightly when buck came into this camp. near Jhon, Buck felt his first owner - Judge Miller is came again to his life. 

One night, when Buck was enjoying the campfire, he saw visions of his wild ancestors in the flames. And he heardthe call – the call of the wild. At the moment, a hunger stirred in him - a hunger for the time when all dogs were fierce and free like wolves. As Thornton nurses Buck back to health, Buck comes to love him and grows devoted to him. Thornton takes him on trips to pan for gold. During one such trip, a man makes a wager with Thornton over Buck's strength and devotion. 

Buck wins the bet by breaking a half-ton sled out of the frozen ground, then pulling it 100 yards by himself. Thornton and his friends return to their camp and continue their search for gold in the Klondike, while Buck begins exploring the wilderness around them and begins socializing with a local wolf pack. 

One morning, he returns from a three-day long hunt to find his beloved master and the others in the camp have been killed by some Native Americans or called Yeehats. Buck finds some of them in the camp and kills them to avenge Thornton, later finding other members of the tribe, then returns to the woods to become alpha wolf of the pack. Each year he revisits the site where Thornton died, never completely forgetting the master he loved. When the winter nights come on, the Ghost Dog can be seen running at the head of a wolf pack trough the pale moonlight. From time to time he raises his great head and with the pack, he sounds the call of the wild. The End.

Intrinsic Unsure
 ( unsur intinsik )

Tittle : The Call of the Wild
Writer : Jack London
Publisher : I. Waldman & Son, Inc.
Protagonis :                                                    characteristic :
·         Buck                            : warriors, brave, soul leader, friendly
·         Judge Miller                : animal lover,
·         Jhon Thornton             : animal lover, ready to sacrifice,
·         Mercedes                     : animal lover, Care,
Antagonis :
·         Manuel                        : Egoistic, Allowing all the methods for money
·         Morgan                        : tormentor
·         Hal                              : Animal tormentor, stubborn

Setting :
California Estate
The Train
The Ship
Moral teaching : Sometimes we have the sad experience, the exciting experience, and many more. But, let us not give up because the destiny is determinated by yourself.

Mata pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris

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