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Duncan Yoyo

about Duncan Yoyo

Please Note:All Duncan Yoyo's ordered from JustShopOk will be dispatched to the UK & Europe through Jersey Post -TAX FREE- from our business located on Jersey in the Channel Islands.
Please Note:If your order value is greater than £18.00/22Euros your order will be dispatched to you in seperate shipments and will be treated as two indervidual orders.  The postage charged on multiple items reflects this fact.
 Duncan® yo-yos are widely recognized as the finest yo-yos in the entire world. Since 1929, the name "Duncan" has been synonymous with "yo-yo" across the United States.

The Classic Line are the yo-yos that most people will remember from their childhood. The Imperial® and Butterfly® are two of the most sold yo-yos in the entire world, and are still the standard by which most beginner yo-yos are judged.

The Hard Core Line yo-yos represent the top-of-the-line for professional players and competitors worldwide. With the entire Counterweight line, from the Flying Squirrel™ to the FH Zero™, Duncan Hard Core yo-yos are used by competitors at the World Yo-Yo Contest, as well as National championships around the world.

The De-Luxxe Line is the absolute pinnacle of technology in yo-yos. Featuring the Freehand MG™, the most expensive yo-yo ever produced. Made of forged magnesium and containing a ball-bearing axle made of stainless steel and silicone nitride, the Freehand MG is the most desired yo-yo in the world among amateur and professional players alike.

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