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Duncan Yoyo - FH Zero Freehand Yo-Yo - Best Price Buy Online

Price: £14.95

Product Description

FH Zero

Product Description

Molded after the body of the original Freehand, the Zero is a wide, flared gap shape yo-yo; allowing for forgiving play and better stability. The ball bearing axle has been refined for maximum spin time while the weight has been re-distributed for optimum play. Each FH Zero comes with three different counter weights. The standard die, a rubber ball and a sculpted character head.
This means great weight, playability, and aesthetics. The FH Zero has changed the way that people look at high-end yo-yos by making them accessible to everyone. It boasts qualities not previously available in the lower price range. Recommended for ages 7 and older.
Weight: 0 lb 5 oz ( 0.14 kg ) Box Size: 6.75in (17.15cm) x 4.50in (11.43cm) x 1.75in (4.45cm)
Each Package Includes 3 Counterweights:
(1) Bouncy Ball
(1) Casino Die &
(1) Character
  • Wide adjustable string gap
  • Durable polycarbonate body
  • Ball-bearing axle
  • Take-apart design
  • Friction sticker return system
  • Ideal for all levels of string tricks
  • Great for freehand play
  • Includes multiple counterweights

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