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Heidi ( Novel Summary )

            Mayenfeld is a pretty little town, stay in Swiss and at the foot mountains Alps. One day bright, woman was seen climbing up a path from below the valley up towards the peaks with held a bundle and other hand, she was leading a small child.
            The child was little, about five years old. The child wore mountain shoes that helped her climbing easy. After one hour them arrived in Dorfli. In Dorfli many people that greet Detie, the woman but she depreciate and them met woman in Dorfli. The little girl was tired during two adult that walked ahead talking and Detie explained that Heidi, the child had grandfather named Uncle Alp and explained that Detie was took Heidi for grandfather.That all people did not liked Uncle Alp because him strange. But them liked Tobias that married with Detie sister and had Heidi. But unfortunately Tobias died in accident and because sad his wife soon his followed. Although Detie already treat Heidi, she want brought Heidi to grandfather.When Detie while talking with woman in Dorfli Heidi already played with a goatherd. Eleven years old Peter had lost his father. Peter and Heidi ran and played and leghtened upward journey,  them saw Uncle Alp sitting with a pipe in his mouth. He gave Heidi his hand but his greeting was very gruff. It condition made Peter escape.Heidi went inside the house with Uncle Alp and Heidi was soon find that grandfather had caring heart.
            In the house Heidi discovered a hayloft. She very happy when Uncle Alp said that she can sleep there. Uncle Alp cooked simple food for both of them and he happy when Heidi helped him by setting dining table. After eat Heidi sleep.
            Peter had goats that always became his friend. But when autumn, grandfather made Heidi stay home because the mountain winds very strong for a little girl. Peter disappointed because can not met Heidi.In winter Peter met Heidi and her grandfather. Then Peter told them that him already sign in school. Heidi that curious asked to Peter so that grandfather laugh. Then grandfather was cooked food for three of them. Then Peter invited Heidi and her grandfather for met him Grannie.Heidi was trilled but grandfather did not much like and made excuses. But because Heidi persuaded him every day. Finally grandfather was allowed and brought Heidi to Peter hut but grandfather to leave directly outside.
            Heidi went inside and met Peter mother and Granie. Heidi fast friends with two woman. But Grannie a hard time explaining to Heidi that she was blind. After some time Uncle Alp came for brought Heidi came back and Heidi request grandfather for fix Grannie hut. Grandfather not interesting but Heidi force and finally him want to fix hut.
            Heidi now seven years old and her happy stay in mountain. And Heidi happy stay with grandfather.One day Pastor in Dorfli came to grandfather hut for send Heidi to school. But grandfather reject. Next day Detie came for grandfather heart darkens. Detie said to Uncle Alp for went exit and search a proper house for Heidi and Detie to Uncle Alp that she alreadyfind one in city. There was a family in Frankurt who have young children. She was paralyzed and spend time sitting in a wheelchair. But The Uncle Alp refused and Detie fighting with Heidi grandfather and brought forcibly.
            When Heidi and Detie arrived to Seseman house in city. Clara was seated in wheelchair to wait for them, Heidi did not like Miss Rottenmeier the house keeper because it called Heidi by her full name Adelheid and house keeper think that Heidi was not suitable for became friend Clara. Miss Rottenmeier often scolded Heidi, but Sebastian and Tinette, another maid in house was much better.
After an open and relaxed life in the mountains of Alps. Heidi found the formal life of the Seseman family to very stifling.Miss Rottenmeier imposed many rules to reduce her activities. One day Heidi want to climb the church tower for a view of entire valley. But she could only see the buildings. An old man saw Heidi disappointment and give a pair of cats.When Heidi returned to the house and the eat fell out of her pocket and get caught by Miss Rottenmeier. Finally Sebastian hiding cat.
            Miss Rotenmeier lived next day to deliver a surprise. She heard the tambourine sound in the house and she examined it. The voice was of a poor child to raise money. Then Miss Rottenmeier came out to caught her is gone.After Sebastian came back and handed the basket Clara. Clara has found it and opened the basket and within a minute the room was full of cats.Miss Rottenmeier scremed and Heidi will punish by locking in a dark basement filled with bats and rats. But Heidi fortunately saved from punishment when Clara intervened and said that Mr Seseman. Clara will decide what to do when he arrived.Heidi asked innocently asked what the crime and went to bed with a sad and distant dream house next door.
            When Mr. Seseman arrived a few day later. Miss Rottenmeier lost no time in complaining to him about Heidi. But Mr. Seseman knew that the house-keeper was prone to exaggerate and finally Heidi was not punished. After that he said that Clara grandmother was coming to visit them. Grandma came after Mr. Seseman left home on his business trip and since Grandma came Heidi taught read and write with her.
            One evening when Sebastian was up late, he saw awhite figure flash by an the stair. Miss. Rottenmeier too was afraid and wrote letter to Mr. Seseman asking him to come at once. At first Mr. Seseman did not believe her story but when she wrote again to say that she feared for Clara health, he came immediately home to investigate. After search finally Mr. Seseman know that ghost is Heidi that outside bedroom in midnight.
            One day Clara know Heidi a very homesick. Clara got Mr. Seseman permission to pack up her friend trunk with gift. She odered some warm blankets, dresses, hankies and some sewing things to be packed for Heidi. After that Heidi went to Dorfli  with Sebastian and his gave her a fat evelope was gift to her from Mr. Seseman. After her  arrived in Dorfli. Heidi went to hut Grannie before went hut grandfather. After chatting Heidi started for the long climb up the mountain to see grandfather. Heidi saw grandfather was sitting on the bench outside his hut and she told her story to grandfather. When finished, she gave him Mr. Seseman letter and the evelope. The next day in Sunday grandfather made Heidi dress up in her best clothes for to take Heidi to church in the village. All the people in the church were very surprised to see Uncle Alp and Heidi in church.
            Meanwhile back in Frankurt Clara want went to mountain home Heidi. But Clara doctor had said that she was not strong. Finally after Clara entreted her can went to home Heidi and her must went with Grandma. When was out picking some flowers, she saw a strange assortment of people come up the mountain. Without a doubt, Heidi knew that aws Clara and Grandma, Heidi ran down the mountain to greet them after telling grandfather that they had come. After some day Grandma came back to Frankurt with not brought Clara because Clara want stayed in mountain. After that Uncle Alp helped Clara walked every day. Finally Clara can walking at the moment Heidi and Peter helped her walk.
            One day Peter brought them a letter a few days latter. It was from Grandma. She had got the children letter and wondered what could be the big surprise. She answered immediately to say that she was coming at once to see them. After read letter, they started making preparation for Grandma visit. Then on the morning of Granma arrival. Uncle Alp went out to gather flowers and he brought back a big bunch. At last they saw the little preesion a guide walked in front leading the horse that Grandma sat on and another man with a heavy basket walked behind. Grandma was surprised to see Clara looking so healthy.
            Unknown to them Mr. Seseman too had been planning a surprise for the children. Finally MR. Seseman went to mountain. After arrived Mr. Seseman surprised saw Clara can walked. Then Mr. Seseman thanked Uncle Alp profusely and Uncle Alp told the story of Clara recovery. After some day family Clara came back in Frankurt and everyone was very happy and thought that they would never forget this moment of happiness, love and friendship.     

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